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WILL BE RELEASED IN MAY RIGHT BEFORE MISSING LINK! In Tanked In CIncinnati, Mike Morgan and Bret Kollmann Baker drink a few brews with the region's most legendary brewers, beer reps and bar owners and take a soul-searching look at why some great ideas succeed wildly and others ignite a dumpster fire. Along the way, they embrace the nostalgia for the early days in craft beer, answer what it's like to be the number one enemy of Anheuser-Busch, and ask hard-hitting questions like, "Why are there so many kids in this taproom?" With interviews from Jim Koch of Boston Beer Company, "Mr. Cincinnati" Jim Tarbell, "Beer Dave" Gausepohl, Scott LaFollette of the late Blank Slate, Bryant Goulding of Rhinegeist Brewing Company and more, Morgan and Kollmann Baker discover how a city once synonymous with America's best beer lost its beer identiy and then reclaimed it with a vengeance.  

Tanked In Cincinnati

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