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The Brewers & Their Beer

Missing Linck Brews

Missing Linck has even fewer rules than Fight Club. Brewers have been asked to use the Missing Linck Yeast. Beyond that, they have been invited to let their imagination guide them to great beers of diverse styles. 

Participating Breweries & Beer Info.

Urban Artifact, Northside, Cinti. OH

Urban Artifact is a Northside brewery that focuses on the Midwest Fruit Tart style of sour ales. Artifact also has a barrel aging program and an Epicurian savvory line; and occasionally makes seasonal brews from "wild" yeast. It was a quest for a unique yeast strain that led the brewers of Artifact to discover the Missing Linck Yeast in 2017. The yeast was cultivated and used for a very limited release brew in 2018. In 2019, Cincinnati City Council declared June 1st "Missing Linck Day" in Cincinnati, giving birth to Missing Linck Festival.


Beer & Tapping Info.

Urban Artifact's Missing Linck 2024 is a Banana Nut Muffin Ale.

Humble Monk Brewing Co., Cincinnati, OH

Located in Northside, Humble Monk Brewing Co is a family brewery that opened its taproom doors February 2019.  With over 30 years homebrewing experience, Brew Master Mike creates craft brews with a Belgian influence but also dabbles in an array of other styles -- so there's something for everyone.  The cozy taproom and beer garden is pet friendly and a great place to celebrate good things.   Humble Monk Brewing Co is a place that feels like home.   

Beer Info.
Humble Monk Brewing Co Logo (4).png

Humble Monk has brewed a Pineapple Wheat Missing Linck.

Gravel Road Brewing Co., Middletown, OH

Gravel Road Brewing Co. is owned and operated by Head Brewer Dan Lauro. A Historian by education Mr. Lauro focuses on historic and obscure styles of beer. Often styles that were forgotten or lost due to events like Prohibition. Gravel Road's mission is to edify people on the history and variety of beers that were once available, maybe still are, the history behind them, and the many ways to enjoy them.

Beer Info.

Gravel Road is brewing Sas-Squash, a Saison brewed using barley, wheat, rye, and smoked butternut squash. Underlying earthy tones from the squash are paired with notes of cloves and black pepper which are set against banana esters, and smoky phenolics. ABV 9%

Bad Tom Smith Brewing Co., Cincinnati, OH

In the 1800s, Kentucky had a uniquely violent, lawless reputation. In this time and place of outlaws, "Bad Tom" Smith stood apart as a man to be feared. Today, Smith's namesake brewery celebrates a bold, free spirit with rebellious beers and a bourbon list that would have quenched Bad Tom's thirst.  

Beer Info.

Tom's Missing Linck is a Strawberry Pale Ale.

Bad Tom.webp

Gilligan's On The Green, Wyoming, OH

The Gilligan's name honors two ancestors of Joe Mumper, co-founder of West Side Brewing. The Gilligan family immigrated to Cincinnati during the Great Famine, and successive generations inspired Joe in different ways. Martin Gilligan, born in 1881, was the head gardener for German brewer Christian Moerlein. Martin T. "Bud" Gilligan (Jr.) became a priest in 1939, then served in China where he saved thousands from persecution by smuggling people out of the country with fake passports. They were different generations with very different lives, but throughout all that they did, they retained their love of Irish ales. There's a wide range of great brews as Gilligan's, but inspired and proud of its Irish-American namesakes, you can always find a pint of beer that the Gilligan boys would have been proud to hoist! Slainte!  

Beer Info.

Gilligan's Missing Linck 2024 is Lady Grey, a very inventive Earl Gray beer.

Fifty West Brewing Co, Cincinnati, OH

Stretching across the country, U.S.Route 50 passes through 12 states from Ocean City, Maryland to Sacramento, California. It’s our pleasure at the Fifty West to serve you tastes of Americana from this fabled road trip. We thrive to provide each customer an experience as fond and memorable as a long haul across the country with your co-pilot riding shotgun. At Fifty West, every beer is a journey. Join us for the ride.

Beer Info.

Fifty West's Missing Linck 2024 is Pawpaw Golden Oat Ale.

Bocce Brewing Co., Wyoming, OH

Snuggled in the basement of Gabby’s Cafe in Wyoming, OH, Bocce Brewing Co. is a micro brewery that offers up to 6 beers at any time. We tapped our first beer in August of 2023 and in the span of just 9 months, we have crafted up to fifteen different varieties of craft beers. Bocce Brewing company was Co-Founded by Dino DiStasi, owner of Gabby’s Cafe; a “from-scratch” Kitchen that serves delicious Italian American Cuisine, and Head Brewer Joe Cornella, General Manager of Gabby’s Cafe. The two businesses pair exceptionally well, with great food, drinks and service. Bocce Brewing Co. is proud to be the Oldest Brewery in Wyoming, OH!

Beer Info.

This Belgian Wit style ale is bursting in flavor due to the Sumo orange peels along with Coriander and Grains of Paradise. Refreshing on a beautiful Spring or Summer day. Served with an orange slice! (Wyoming, OH) 4.7% ABV

Pilot Project, Milwaukee, WI

Modeled after the music industry, Pilot serves as a launch pad for start-up breweries, offering assistance with fine-tuning recipes, production, business development, marketing, distribution and more. Pilot is your incubator dedicated to the art of brewing and community inspired by the craft.


In 2018, Master Brewer Andrew Gierczak and Milwaukee beer historian Dave Olson went on a quest that sounds a little familiar at Missing Linck. They went searching for surviving pre-Prohibition yeast spores; and they got lucking in the 1870 fermenting cellars of Milwaukee’s former Falk Brewing Co. Following essentially the same process that led to Urban Artifact’s discovery of Missing Linck Yeast, Gierczak and Olson found a living lager yeast strain. Pilot Project is making two beers for Missing Linck Fest, an historic style lager with the Falk Yeast, and an historic style ale with Missing Linck Yeast. Pilot Project's participation brings two of the three most storied 19th century brewing cities together by resurrecting pre-Prohibition yeast strains.

Beer Info.

Pilot Project's Falk Lager is brewed with yeast recovered from the lagering cellars of Milwaukee's defunct Falk Brewing Co. The style is an Historic Amber Lager.  

Narrow Path Brewing Co., Loveland, OH

Our mission is to craft excellent, approachable, inspiring, and refreshing beer to quench a thirsty tongue and lift a weary soul. We’ve been an integral part of the thriving Loveland community since 2017 - embracing the craft beer renaissance and making excellent visit-worthy beer with our own local character. We also believe in doing our small part to make the world a better place. A significant portion of every dollar we earn is shared with organizations who are working hard to affect change in the lives of people both locally and globally. 

Narrow Path Round Blue On Orange PNG.png
Beer & Tapping Info.

Narrow Path loves to dance with the undead so much that they're doing two Missing Lincks this year. Missing Linck Honey Saison is an all-Ohio brew. Origin malt, Ohio Valley hops, and Missing Linck yeast is co-pitched alongside their house Saison yeast, with Wildflower Honey added during the whirlpool and at the beginning of primary fermentation. Unmistakably a Saison with a sweet kiss of honey. Perceived sweetness and nice body from the unmetabolized maltotriose. Yeast forward with a balanced Ohio hop profile. 5.5% ABV

Missing Linck HOT Honey Saison is all the Honey Saison goodness, with an added touch of sweet heat on the finish. Wildflower Honey, habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Chili de Arbol. Just enough honey and peppers to know it's something else, but still fantastically drinkable!

Karrikin Brewing Co., Cincinnati, OH

In the late 1700s, the Little Miami River valley from the Ohio to Mariemont was called "Whiskey Hollow" for the legendary corn liquor that was made there. In Spring of 2017, seven founding members with experience in brewing & distilling, woodworking, design, and more came together to resurrect this far east side history. Today, Karrikin Spirits Co. is a full-service, grain to glass distillery producing handcrafted spirits, sparkling spirits, and beer.  

Beer Info.

For Missing Linck 2024, Karrikan is going back to the origins of the first beer made with this yeast for public consumption since Prohibition or before, a classic Missing Linck Pale Ale that lets all the funk of the yeast shine through a classic, well-balanced style. 

Rhinegeist Brewing Co., Cincinnati, OH

We believe in the power of beer to bring great people together, foment fantastic ideas, and build a community that values craft beer and one another. We brew beers, ciders, and beverages that sing with flavor. We aim to brew beers where the "first sip calls for the third."

Beer & Tapping Info.

Rhinegeist's Missing Linck 2024 is a Saison.

Fork + Ale Brewer, Carmel, IN

Founded in 2019, Fork + Ale Kitchen specializes in serving local people local food and drink. Fork produces hand-crafted ales, brews, and cocktails, which they pair with dishes made from locally sourced products from across Indiana. From the beer to the hand-made pizza dough and in-house smoked meats, everything at Fork + Ale is fresh taste of the Indiana heartland.  

Beer Info.

For Missing Linck 2024, Fork + Ale is making a sublime brew that is .....delicious

West Side Brewery, Cincinnati, OH

Located on the west side of Cincinnati in Westwood Town Hall Business District, West Side Brewing is known for traditional beer, brewed exceptionally well. Their taproom is open 7 days a week, featuring food trucks on site as well as several restaurants within walking distance. With 30 taps, they have a wide variety of beers from IPAs to lagers and stouts. Cider options are available, too, as well as wine and liquor. With weekly events of trivia, clubs, classes, and more, there is always something to do in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Private event spaces are available for rental for birthdays, graduations, retirements, or any other type of party. West Side Brewing’s exceptional beer is available at retailers, restaurants, and bars throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Want to know more? Follow them on social media at @westsidebrewing

Beer & Tapping Info.

West Side's Missing Linck 2024 is a classic golden ale brewed with calamansi, a hybrid of kumquat and mandarin orange with a tart, tangy flavor -- merging all kinds of weirdness in a refreshing brew.

Wooden Cask, Newport, KY

Wooden Cask Brewing Company is owned and operated by Randy and Karen Schiltz. The love for Irish, Scottish, and English beers started decades ago when Randy was in the Navy and had his first beer: a classic English mild ale. Challenged to recreate something similar, Randy started home-brewing beer in 1998 and has since perfected the time-tested brewing process for traditional Irish, Scottish, and English beers.


Today, Randy and Karen are proud to run Wooden Cask Brewing Company in the Newport community. Wooden Cask is their second brewery, and they searched for more than a year to find the perfect location to begin brewing again. As residents of Northern Kentucky, Randy and Karen are committed to the community and proud to call Kentucky home.

Beer Info.

The Wooden Cask has been brewing with Missing Linck Yeast since the beginning, so they've mastered some of the tricks, like understanding the complexities that come from aging the beers -- more like 19th century than modern practice. So, they brewed their Missing Linck 2024 in 2023, and they're brining two:

One Wooden Cask Missing Linck Belgian Blonde has been aged for a year in stainless steel, letting the yeast dictate the richness of flavors brought out through long fermentation.

The second Wooden Cask Missing Linck Belgian Blonde has been aged for a year in a 500L Puncheon, meaning a repurposed wooden wine barrel. The first version is complex, but the second benefits from the weirdness of the yeast picking up notes from the barrel and the wine that used to live there.  

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