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The Brewers & Their Beer

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MissingLinck Brews

Missing Linck has even fewer rules than Fight Club. Brewers have been asked to use the Missing Linck Yeast. Beyond that, they have been invited to let their imagination guide them to great beers of diverse styles. 

Participating Breweries    & Beer Info.

Urban Artifact, Northside, Cinti. OH

Urban Artifact is a Northside brewery that focuses on the Midwest Fruit Tart style of sour ales. Artifact also has a barrel aging program and an Epicurian savvory line; and occasionally makes seasonal brews from "wild" yeast. It was a quest for a unique yeast strain that led the brewers of Artifact to discover the Missing Linck Yeast in 2017. The yeast was cultivated and used for a very limited release brew in 2018. In 2019, Cincinnati City Council declared June 1st "Missing Linck Day" in Cincinnati, giving birth to Missing Linck Festival.


Beer & Tapping Info.

Urban Artifact's Missing Linck 2022 plays to the strengths of both Artifact and of the heritage yeast. Made in the brewery's signature Midwest Fruit Tart style, the beer emphasizes the yeast's honey-like characteristics to produce a delicious blend of banana, walnut and vanilla flavors with a slight touch of honey -- all finishing mildly tart. At 8.4% AVB, this beer is crisp, decadent, and perfect for a hot June day.

Bircus Brewing Co., Ludlow, KY

Located in Ludlow, KY in the old Ludlow Theatre, Bircus (BEERCUS) Brewing Co. was established in 2015 and poured the first beer brewed on our 10BBL brew system in 2018. Owned by retired Ringling Bros. Circus clown Paul Miller, the brewery embraces its circus roots and operates as a place where the love of beer, circus and food all live in harmony with regular performances. With 12 beers on tap and a wood fired pizza oven to feed the hungry masses, there’s a little something for everyone.   


Carillon Brewing Co., Dayton, OH

Carillon Brewing Co. is the only brewery in the U.S. that authentically replicates an 1850s-era brewing process. Wort boils in a copper kettle above a woodfired brick furnace 14 ft. above the brewhouse floor, mash is stirred by hand, organic malt is roasted over an open flame, and the beer is aged in American Oak barrels. Located with Dayton's Carillon Historical Park, Carillon is the only brewery in the world housed within a museum complex, offering visitors a glimpse into Dayton's mid-19th century history. Carillon is rediscovering lost aspects of brewing, preserving and sharing history, while making delicious beers. Their 1850s tap room and restaurant is located at 1000 Carillon Blvd., Dayton, OH 45409.

Beer Info.

Carillon's Missing Linck 2022 starts with a historic recipe first published in Cincinnati for family brewers in 1831. This Coriander Ale features pale malt, cane sugar, coriander seed, and chili pepper (per the original recipe.) 

If you're interested in trying your own hand at making an early 19th century brew -- or you just don't believe that chili pepper was really a beer ingredient in 1831 Cincinnati -- here's a link to the original publication, entitled "Family Receipts, Or Husbandman And Housewife"

Brink Brewing Co., College Hill, Cinti. OH

Brink Brewing Co. opened in 2017, making College Hill its home and becoming an intricate part of the neighborhood's renaissance. Rave reviews and a loyal following have allowed Brink to expand package sales in the past couple of years, but the brewery remains most passionate about making quality craft beers and sharing them with friends both old and new in their neighborhood tap room at 5905 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati. Stop in, grab a delicious pint and become part of the Brink family.   

Beer Info.

Strong Belgian ale fermented with a blend of French and Belgian yeast as well as the funk producing Missing Linck strain. Traditional European hops provide balance to the funk farmhouse and spicy phenolics. Highly attenuated with a drying finish added with a higher  carbonation has sort of a champagne-like mouthfeel. Deeper colored with use of darker grains add a soft malt complexity. Slightly higher in ABV than table saisons, this is considered "standard" strength. 

Cartridge Brewing, Kings Mills, OH

Born within the historic Peters Cartridge Factory in the heart of Kings Mills and Maineville, Cartridge Brewing is an upscale brewery-restaurant destination that’s turned the typical brewpub model on its head. Our full-service kitchen and bar offer high-end sandwiches, Detroit-style pizza, BBQ and more, alongside signature cocktails and curated wines ... but the star of the show is our extensive variety of superior craft beer – brewed on-site in the same landmark where ammunition was made in support of both World Wars. More to the point, our craft beer is garnering both regional and national attention – earning awards at the Ohio Craft Brewers Cup and U.S. Open Beer Championship. Located alongside the Little Miami River and bike trail, we’re a community hub that’s winning hearts, minds and bellies alike. 

Cartridge round.png
Beer Info.

Cartridge's Missing Linck, called Enigma, is a super tart, super fruity ale. Golden-pink in color, it pieces together Cincy's Missing Linck Yeast -- on its own, slightly Belgian spicy -- with a Philly Sour yeast and a ton of strawberry, raspberry, and pink guava. Just enough fruit-punch tartness to keep it bright but really approachable. Enigma mimics a kettle sour with a lemony lactic tartness and a rounded tropical bouquet. ABV: 4.5%

Fibonacci, Mt. Healthy, OH

Fibonacci Brewing Company is a nanobrewery and urban farm with an onsite Airbnb. We choose to source locally for the majority of our beers through local farms and ingredients grown onsite and foraged nearby. We offer a local farmers market on the first Sunday of the month May through November with SNAP and Produce Perks. We have goats, chickens, and honeybees on-site as part of our urban farm.

Beer Info.

Fibonacci's Missing Linck 2022 is a steam beer brewed with blueberries. Puce in color, with a light malty, blueberry and subtle banana aroma, the Fibonacci Linck is moderately bitter and blueberry forward, finishing with a light maltiness that is slightly reminiscent of banana bread. 

Humble Monk Brewing Co., Cincinnati, OH

Located in Northside, Humble Monk Brewing Co is a family brewery that opened its taproom doors February 2019.  With over 30 years homebrewing experience, Brew Master Mike creates craft brews with a Belgian influence but also dabbles in an array of other styles -- so there's something for everyone.  The cozy taproom and beer garden is pet friendly and a great place to celebrate good things.   Humble Monk Brewing Co is a place that feels like home.

Beer Info.

Humble Monk is brewing two beers with the Missing Linck Yeast. "Goldie Links" is returning for the second year by popular demand. This brew is a Belgian Blonde Ale. Featuring approachable citrus notes up front and finishing with earthy Belgian notes, this is a beer for all seasons.

"Hydra Squatch" is new for 2022 -- a bright, citrus session IPA with hints of orange rind, honey dew, strawberry, rosemary hop notes and earth tones. At 4.5% ABV is great for a hot summer day. 

OTR Stillhouse, Over-the-Rhine, Cinti. OH

OTR Stillhouse is a licensed brewery, winery and distillery in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood
of downtown Cincinnati. It occupies an historic, revitalized 19th century icehouse and has nearly an acre of public space, including a massive beer garden and retail bottle-shop. Crafters of all things liquid, the production team rises to any challenge and is always pushing the envelope of beverage creation. With a full line of beers, wine and spirits, alcohol-free options made in-house, OTR StillHouse has something for everyone.

Beer Info.

For Missing Linck Festival 2022, OTR StillHouse is brewing "The Drink 4 Lincks," a Belgian-inspired Quadruple Ale

West Side Brewery, Cincinnati, OH

Located on the west side of Cincinnati in the revitalized Westwood Town Hall Business District, West Side Brewing has built a reputation for brewing traditional beer styles exceptionally well. Expansive taproom features food trucks 7 days per week, 12-20 beers on tap (as well as cider, wine and liquor), in-house menu of small bites, weekly events including trivia and fitness classes, several private event spaces and a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. West Side Brewing beer is available at retailers, restaurants and bars all over Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Beer & Tapping Info.

West Side's Missing Linck 2022 uses Brettanomyces in addition to the Linck yeast strain. The beer is a soft golden color with a white head. Fruity aromas of banana and pear lead the way, followed by a slight note of earthiness and funk. The flavor is similar, with biscuity malt flavors, sweet fruit notes, and a just-dry-enough finish.

Wooden Cask, Newport, KY

Wooden Cask Brewing Company is owned and operated by Randy and Karen Schiltz. The love for Irish, Scottish, and English beers started decades ago when Randy was in the Navy and had his first beer: a classic English mild ale. Challenged to recreate something similar, Randy started home-brewing beer in 1998 and has since perfected the time-tested brewing process for traditional Irish, Scottish, and English beers.


Today, Randy and Karen are proud to run Wooden Cask Brewing Company in the Newport community. Wooden Cask is their second brewery, and they searched for more than a year to find the perfect location to begin brewing again. As residents of Northern Kentucky, Randy and Karen are committed to the community and proud to call Kentucky home.


Beer Info.

Wooden Cask's 2022 Missing Linck is a medium-bodied Belgian Red Ale with a wonderful aroma of clove and a flavor to match. 6.2% ABV, 23 IBU. 

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