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The Brewers & Their Beer

Missing Linck Brews

Missing Linck has even fewer rules than Fight Club. Brewers have been asked to use the Missing Linck Yeast. Beyond that, they have been invited to let their imagination guide them to great beers of diverse styles. 

Participating Breweries & Beer Info.

Urban Artifact, Northside, Cinti. OH

Urban Artifact is a Northside brewery that focuses on the Midwest Fruit Tart style of sour ales. Artifact also has a barrel aging program and an Epicurian savvory line; and occasionally makes seasonal brews from "wild" yeast. It was a quest for a unique yeast strain that led the brewers of Artifact to discover the Missing Linck Yeast in 2017. The yeast was cultivated and used for a very limited release brew in 2018. In 2019, Cincinnati City Council declared June 1st "Missing Linck Day" in Cincinnati, giving birth to Missing Linck Festival.


Beer & Tapping Info.

Urban Artifact's Missing Linck 2023 is Fig & Grape. This beer is inspired by the bacchanals of old. Utilizing the honey flavors of the Missing Linck yeast we brewed up a liquid feast of fruit tart with fig and grape. Best enjoyed while chilling on a chaise lounge, preferably with some dried fruit accouterment.

Humble Monk Brewing Co., Cincinnati, OH

Located in Northside, Humble Monk Brewing Co is a family brewery that opened its taproom doors February 2019.  With over 30 years homebrewing experience, Brew Master Mike creates craft brews with a Belgian influence but also dabbles in an array of other styles -- so there's something for everyone.  The cozy taproom and beer garden is pet friendly and a great place to celebrate good things.   Humble Monk Brewing Co is a place that feels like home.   

Beer Info.
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Humble Monk has brewed two Missing Lincks this year. Hydra Squatch is a bright, citrus session IPA with hints of orange rind, honey dew, strawberry, rosemary hop notes and earth tones. At 4.5% ABV is great for a hot summer day.


Farmer Squatch is a Belgian Farmhouse Ale, light-bodied and approachable, but featuring a pleasant complexity of phenols and esters. It is 5.6% ABV with 19 IBUs.

Nostalgia Brewing Co., Gahanna, OH

Nostalgia brews beers that start with a conversation, and their Missing Linck is no exception. 

Beer Info.

Nostalgia is brewing The Adventure of Linck Ale, brewed with an extremely old, handwritten homebrew recipe that one of their patrons discovered. Instructions include, "Clyde does all this cooking at night," so adventure in every sip is guaranteed. 

Carillon Brewing Co., Dayton, OH

Carillon Brewing Co. is the nation’s only production brewery in a museum, and the only U.S. brewery replicating the historic brewing process of the 1850s. Malt is milled by hand. Beer is mashed in a handmade copper kettle over a wood fire in a brick furnace, then kegged and aged in American Oak barrels. Carillon is advancing our practical knowledge of 19th century brewing while serving period-inspired food and delicious brews.

Beer Info.

CarillBelle of Carillon is a Farmhouse/Saison, 8.3 % ABV.

The Missing Link Yeast was co-pitched with a German wheat yeast. The nose is spicy with hints of clove, white pepper, and dill that come from both the yeast and a unique hop discovered in rural Michigan called Mystique. These aromatic notes carry through into the flavor of this medium-light bodied beer that finishes dry.

Fibonacci, Mt. Healthy, OH

Fibonacci Brewing Company is a nanobrewery and urban farm with an onsite Airbnb. We choose to source locally for the majority of our beers through local farms and ingredients grown onsite and foraged nearby. We offer a local farmers market on the first Sunday of the month May through November with SNAP and Produce Perks. We have goats, chickens, and honeybees on-site as part of our urban farm.

Beer Info.

Fibonacci's Missing Linck 2023 is a California Common steam beer brewed with blueberries. Puce in color, with a light malty, blueberry and subtle banana aroma, the Fibonacci Linck is moderately bitter and blueberry forward.


Fifty West Brewing Co, Cincinnati, OH

Stretching across the country, U.S.Route 50 passes through 12 states from Ocean City, Maryland to Sacramento, California. It’s our pleasure at the Fifty West to serve you tastes of Americana from this fabled road trip. We thrive to provide each customer an experience as fond and memorable as a long haul across the country with your co-pilot riding shotgun. At Fifty West, every beer is a journey. Join us for the ride.

Beer Info.

Fifty West is brewing Petroglyphs Tropical Wit (5.3% ABV), a remarkable tribute to Cincinnati's brewing history and the extraordinary discovery of the ancient yeast strain by Urban Artifact's talented team. This wheat beer showcases a perfect harmony of flavors achieved through co-pitching our Belgian Wit yeast and fermenting it with Curaba and Papaya fruits. Prepare to embark on a journey that unleashes a vibrant fruit bowl sensation, including notes of melon, banana, passionfruit, and a touch of tropical mystery. Complemented by the delicate spicy Belgian phenolics and honey-like characteristics from the renowned Missing Linck yeast, this brew is a true tropical delight that celebrates the fusion of history and innovation.

MadTree Brewing Co., Cincinnati, OH

When MadTree opened in 2013, we were driven to craft great beer, but more importantly, to build something bigger than ourselves and the high-quality beer we produce. Since the beginning, we have cared deeply about creating meaningful connections with our communities. We embrace our name MadTree and work to celebrate and protect nature, while reducing our impact on the environment. We donate 1% of our sales to non-profits focused on environmental sustainability, and our craftspeople at MadTree wake up every day to connect people to nature and each other.

Beer Info.

MadTree's Missing Linck is Same But Different. It has an ABV of 5.3% and 30 IBUs. Same But Different combines a clean German lager yeast with Missing Linck yeast that brings light phenolics to the mix. Hopped exclusively with US Saaz with spicy, earthy, and grassy notes to compliment the yeast phenolics. Malt character is minimal, providing a base for the yeast and hops to shine. Finish is light and crisp.

MobCraft Brewery, Milwaukee, WI

MobCraft follows a radically egalitarian business model. We crowdsource our recipes, from full details to general ideas, then let our customers vote on which ones get brewed. Populists that we are, the brewers still have their own ideas.


In 2018, MobCraft Founder and Master Brewer Andrew Gierczak and Pilot Brewer and Milwaukee beer historian Dave Olson went on a quest that sounds a little familiar at Missing Linck. They went searching for surviving pre-Prohibition yeast spores; and they got lucking in the 1870 fermenting cellars of Milwaukee’s former Falk Brewing Co. Following essentially the same process that led to Urban Artifact’s discovery of Missing Linck Yeast, Gierczak and Olson found a living lager yeast strain. MobCraft is making two beers for Missing Linck Fest, an historic style lager with the Falk Yeast, and an historic style ale with Missing Linck Yeast. MobCraft's participation brings two of the three most storied 19th century brewing cities together by resurrecting pre-Prohibition yeast strains.

Beer Info.

MobCraft's Falk Lager is brewed with yeast recovered from the lagering cellars of Milwaukee's defunct Falk Brewing Co. This beer is a tribute to the light, easy going lager brews that were commonplace before Prohibition. 

Narrow Path Brewing Co., Loveland, OH

Our mission is to craft excellent, approachable, inspiring, and refreshing beer to quench a thirsty tongue and lift a weary soul. We’ve been an integral part of the thriving Loveland community since 2017 - embracing the craft beer renaissance and making excellent visit-worthy beer with our own local character. We also believe in doing our small part to make the world a better place. A significant portion of every dollar we earn is shared with organizations who are working hard to affect change in the lives of people both locally and globally. 

Narrow Path Round Blue On Orange PNG.png
Beer & Tapping Info.

Narrow Path's Missing Linck is a funky but straightforward and approachable All-Ohio Pale Ale, made entirely with locally sourced malt and hops and, of course, Cincinnati's own heritage yeast. ABV of 5%.

OTR Stillhouse, Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, OH

OTR Stillhouse is a licensed brewery, winery and distillery in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood
of downtown Cincinnati. It occupies an historic, revitalized 19th century icehouse and has nearly an acre of public space, including a massive beer garden and retail bottle-shop. Crafters of all things liquid, the production team rises to any challenge and is always pushing the envelope of beverage creation. With a full line of beers, wine and spirits, alcohol-free options made in-house, OTR StillHouse has something for everyone.

Beer Info.

For Missing Linck Festival 2023, OTR StillHouse has brewed The Drink 4 Lincks, a Belgian-inspired Quadruple Ale that has been barrel aged for a year.

Rhinegeist Brewing Co., Cincinnati, OH

We believe in the power of beer to bring great people together, foment fantastic ideas, and build a community that values craft beer and one another. We brew beers, ciders, and beverages that sing with flavor. We aim to brew beers where the "first sip calls for the third."

Beer & Tapping Info.

Rhinegeist's Missing Linck is a Belgian IPA, 6.0% ABV.

Samuel Adams, Boston Beer Co., Boston, MA & Cincinnati, OH

Our passion for never settling and brewing quality, flavorful beers started with our founder, Jim Koch. In 1984, he took an entrepreneurial risk to brew Boston Lager with a recipe that belonged to his great great grandfather. Jim believed that U.S. beer drinkers deserved a better beer, so he produced it, and he started personally selling it bar to bar, case by case. We've grown a lot since then, becoming one of America's leading independent craft breweries. Samuel Adams helped start a craft beer revolution that redefined the way people think about beer, and we remain committed to brewing only the best, never giving up on the journey towards the next tasty beer, striving to become better every single day.

Boston Beer Co. bought the former Hudepohl-Shoenling Brewery in 1996 and kept the city's brewing knowledge and traditions alive at a critical moment; and in 2018 it opened a Samuel Adams taproom in Over-the-Rhine.

Beer Info.

Samuel Adams is brewing a Hazy IPA called The Caverns Below for Missing Linck 2023. The Missing Linck Yeast is co-pitched with a fruity British Ale V Yeast, then dry-hopped with Citra and Sabro.

West Side Brewery, Cincinnati, OH

Located on the west side of Cincinnati in Westwood Town Hall Business District, West Side Brewing is known for traditional beer, brewed exceptionally well. Their taproom is open 7 days a week, featuring food trucks on site as well as several restaurants within walking distance. With 30 taps, they have a wide variety of beers from IPAs to lagers and stouts. Cider options are available, too, as well as wine and liquor. With weekly events of trivia, clubs, classes, and more, there is always something to do in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Private event spaces are available for rental for birthdays, graduations, retirements, or any other type of party. West Side Brewing’s exceptional beer is available at retailers, restaurants, and bars throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Want to know more? Follow them on social media at @westsidebrewing

Beer & Tapping Info.

Missing Linck Yeast is framed by a combination of McKenzie, Southern Passion, and Talus hops in West Side's Missing Linck 2023 (ABV 6.9%).

Wooden Cask, Newport, KY

Wooden Cask Brewing Company is owned and operated by Randy and Karen Schiltz. The love for Irish, Scottish, and English beers started decades ago when Randy was in the Navy and had his first beer: a classic English mild ale. Challenged to recreate something similar, Randy started home-brewing beer in 1998 and has since perfected the time-tested brewing process for traditional Irish, Scottish, and English beers.


Today, Randy and Karen are proud to run Wooden Cask Brewing Company in the Newport community. Wooden Cask is their second brewery, and they searched for more than a year to find the perfect location to begin brewing again. As residents of Northern Kentucky, Randy and Karen are committed to the community and proud to call Kentucky home.

Beer Info.

Wooden Cask's Missing Linck is a Belgian Blonde Ale, at 6.7% ABV, 20 IBU.

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