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Saturday, June 1, 2024

At Urban Artifact Brewery
Northside, Cincinnati

1660-1641 Blue Rock St.
Noon till the wolves come out

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Join the Evolution!

Missing Linck Yeast was discovered clinging to life in a pre-prohibition fermenting vat, found in the lost lagering cellars of the 19th Century Linck Brewery. It should have been dead. Instead, it was rescued, cultivated, propagated, and unleashed on the 21st Century. Now, the bravest of brewers are each reintroducing the Missing Linck to the modern world with their own inspiration. Styles are broad, the freak is on, and the Missing Linck reawakens in every pour.  

Missing Linck brews from all 18 participating breweries will be on tap at Urban Artifact Brewing Co. (1660 Blue Rock) and Humble Monk Brewing Co. (1641 Blue Rock) from noon until we run out or the cops show up. Sustenance, music, and species degeneration all day and evening. 


Take a Trip Without Leaving

Missing Linck Festival is free and open to all peaceable lifeforms, but if you want to take a guided beer expedition, we've got your trip. Take a Missing Linck flight, get a crash course on beer appreciation, try beers with cheese pairings, or take a brewery tour.  

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It never existed, yet you always wanted to come

This is an evolutionary festival held in a former church in Northside, centered around a mysteriously undead yeast strain. If you read the previous sentence and thought, "OK, that makes sense," you're among your own. If you have a latent desire to go to a bar randomly dressed like Sasquatch, a Neanderthal, a higher life form, Charles Darwin or Little Bo Peep; if you want to stand up for the humane treatment of single-cell organisms; if you ever wake up wondering whether Idiocracy is actually a documentary sent back from the future as a warning; or if you just enjoy great and creative beers, we'll see you at Missing Linck Festival. It's where you belong.


Missing Linck 2024 Is Made Possible
By Presenting Sponsors  

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With Lots of Hop From

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Because OF COURSE a funky, independent festival has a funky, independent media partner!

MaltEurop ensures that all participating brewers get the best malt on the market AND makes the Missing Ingredient Homebrew Competition possible.


& proudly sponsored by a bank that still cares about its neighbors and treats its customers like family.

Participating Breweries

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